4. Scoring software (app) (choices=8)

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This is a download-only product. Which will be received once customisation is complete. 

The crucial key to transform your LED screen into a Pro SCOREBOARD.

This purchase includes:

  • Your Solid Scoring System software licence (1 per ground/field/oval)
  • Phone support & remote PC support during business hours
  • One sport scoreboard app (you choose, ie. Rugby)
    • This Lite version includes 1 scoreboard layout and 2 advert layouts
  • Customisation to suit your LED screen dimensions & club theme/colours
  • Player Trigger app (to display your players headshots & info when required)

Note: Cricket is a different fee to allow for the MyCricket hardware required
At this moment (2021) the Solid Sports apps are purchased outright (1 off payment), not subscription. If new versions require extra hardware then a fee will be applicable.
Updates are free at the moment. If installation assistance is required then a support fee will be applicable.