About DIY scoreboard products and processes

Solid Scoreboards have been designing & building scoreboards since the 90s.
Our LED screens combined with our leading sports software are recognised as the Rolls Royce of LED Scoreboards.

Being at the premium end of scoreboards, 1000s of smaller clubs around the country haven't had the financial backing to take the leap for their clubs future signage & sponsorship needs.

Junction Oval, Melb. Ballpark, Punt Rd, Burnie, Haileybury, Elsternwick park, Bankstown

Enter the BUDGET designed, DIY LED scoreboard panel to help your club enter the 2020's.

We call this our "Eco LED scoreboard panel".
The "Eco" panels are the same or better quality than most scoreboard panels sold in the market today.

We've designed this "Eco LED panel" as an affordable option to our Premium range.

Embrace your access to Solid's vast scoreboard technological know-how, building experience and systematic formal procedures. We will help guide you through tricky permits and your scoreboard build..

Your club can now start dreaming of that electronic scoreboard, promoting your loyal sponsors & pumping up town pride.

1. We'll sell you the components needed, together with software & project knowledge
2. Your team gets together to BUILD YOUR SCOREBOARD :)