What do WE (the Club) need to do after buying these goodies?

Note: The following is a VERY BASIC script for your scoreboard adventure. A more thorough detailed script will be available through our Knowledge-base.

This will scare some of you, and excite others.
By breaking things down, this BIG project will become smaller, with less-daunting tasks, to be completed one at a time.


  • Just like any week at your sports club, you need to pick a TEAM.
    A Scoreboard-Build team.
  • Set up a meeting to discuss the following.

    Kick off

    • Select a location
    • Discuss with the site owner (council)
      • Ask what is required from you
      • Obtain Planning authority for that location
    • Once the location is confirmed
      • Draw up a location document
      • Get the underground services scan
        • To assure you will not damage anything (including yourself)
        • Note: this basic script sample suits a free-standing scoreboard, not a scoreboard built into an existing structure (what we call a retrofit).
      • Get a Soil Test, now known as a Geotechnical Report. 
      • Obtain Certified Engineering to suit your scoreboard & site.
      • Acquire drafting and shop-drawings.
      • Apply for a Building Permit (it is now very rare that you do not need one).

    Start the Fun Stuff

    • Arrange a steel company/fabricator to fully build your steel frame.
      • The word "fully" is used as there could be several components to plan, ie. steel procurement, fabrication, galvanising. These might be from different sources.
    • Meet with a club sparky to arrange power & costs
    • Arrange someone to handle the scoreboard footings. Once again this could involve several sources.
      • Sparky will need to be involved to trace cables through the footing.
      • Note that concrete footings usually need 1 week  to cure (set).
    • Plan transport of the steel to site.
    • Plan transport of your LED panels from DIYS (DIY Scoreboards).
    • Arrange a crane and access equipment (scissor or boom lift).
    • Organise a handy team with building experience.
    • Check weather (rain/wind), confirm the install date and all involved
    • GET INTO IT :)  :)  :)  :)  :)
    • Follow DIYS instructions to install your screen.
    • Get the sparky to handle the power (and any data feeds).
    • TURN IT ON!!
    • Take a pic of your team in front of the scoreboard and send to DIYS.
    • There will usually be some minor tweaking to your screen and layouts by our eager team at DIYS. We'll log in and sort while you are there. 
    • Arrange a time to get your team in front of the computer, for a FREE remote training session with DIYS.