Terms, Conditions, Warranty & Turnarounds

The following T&Cs are specific to DIYS (d.i.y. scoreboards), and not the sister-product Solid Scoreboards.
These T&Cs are designed to accommodate the low price point of the DIYS range.


  • All listed pricing on this site includes GST
  • Small purchases - Parts & Documents
    • Paid in full through this site 
    • or by invoice & direct bank deposit
  • Large purchases - LED screens & full systems
    • By invoice & direct bank deposit
    • 50% deposit with order
    • Remainder before despatch from Vic factory
  • Delivery
    • Every order for these products are custom so the delivery charges are unknown at the time of ordering.
    • Delivery charges are NOT included. These will be quoted and confirmed with all parties.
    • Client pickup is also welcome if preferred.


  • Firm order/deposit cut-off dates
    • Scheduled batch ordering (From DIY Scoreboards to factory) is structured to maintain cost stability.
    • LED stock batches are ordered every 2 months on the first Tuesday of the month, EOB (February, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec).
    • To be included in this batch order your deposit must be paid in full and receipted in bank.
  • Refunds.
    • Deposit funds will not be returned immediately on request. As your custom stock build has commenced DIYS will need to on-sell your specific product. When this on-sell & payment occurs your deposit will be returned minus 20% (admin fee to cover on-sell).
    • If a remainder payment is not paid in full. DIYS (DIY Scoreboards) will hold your stock for 2 calendar months before reallocating the stock to another buyer. The above on-sell conditions and fees will be applicable.


  • 12 months is standard over the DIYS range
  • Small components (PCs, control gear, remotes) require returning to the DIYS factory in VIC.
    The fault will be researched first in an attempt to repair quickly onsite.
    Freight will be arranged by DIYS.
  • Larger fixed components (LED screen) will be serviced by DIYS contractors onsite. This will occur during the earliest opportunity during business hours.
  • Included in your purchase will be a quantity of main spare parts (in relation to the size of your screen). This will expediate your onsite repair.
  • If emergency after-hours servicing is required this will be at the expense of the client.
  • After the warranty period the client will assume all costs for parts, repairs & freight.


  • In normal circumstances the expected turnaround is 60-70 days from the date of the batch order to landing at the DIYS factory. Depending on the month of the year & other uncontrollable influences this turnaround could be extended. DIYS have no control of these influences but will pursue the factory for the best turnaround.
  • On rare occasions DIYS will have enough stock on our floor to cater for your order. In which case your deliver could occur in a matter of weeks.
  • Factory progress is monitored weekly. Should impending delays appear on the horizon then DIYS will provide regular updates to the client.