Building a Scoreboard 101 - on a tight budget!

Welcome to DIY Scoreboards - following is a brief starting point

Where to start? For YOUR awesome scoreboard...

  • Get your team around a table at the club, and start the discussion.
  • Is everyone on board?

  • LOCATION - Where do we want the scoreboard?
  • Is there an existing scoreboard structure? Still in good nick? Is that location great?
  • Side-note: ideally the scoreboard should be roughly in-your-face. If something like an ad (after a goal) pops up, you want the eyes of the whole crowd. Think about your sponsors, show them some luvin! 
    • If the existing location is bad, then, where is best??
      Same applies for a brand new scoreboard structure.
      Think about distance to the scoreboard from the main viewing location.
      If your clubhouse is in a pocket, don't place it in the diagonally opposite pocket, so the whole ground has an even view.
  • Place it in the opposite pocket (past the close goals). This way the scoreboard will look nearly twice the size to your MEMBERS and SPONSORS. Opposition sitting in their cars should not be a viewing priority.
  • Every ground is different, consider who is important and where these people view the game from. 
  • We know from experience that 1 or more at your table will say "put it there, we can get power from that shed". This is entirely your call, BUT we genuinely want you to consider the absolute BEST viewing location for your members & sponsors. Think about your long-term vision. It might be a few extra $1000 - but its better than you regretting it every Saturday for the next decade.
  • Last "location point". We also hear that "the scoreboard should not face west, you will not see it in the late arvo sun"... complete BS. Any decent LED screen will be bright enough to push through that low sun. You might lose some contrast, but it will be clearly readable.

  • SIZE / BUDGET (these are obviously related)
    • Use this website to throw around the numbers ($$). Then it will be up to your team to ask around sponsors/mates/mates-of-mates, etc. for things like:
    • Footings, Steel fabrication, electrical, engineer, permits. you'll soon be able to scrub up a rough budget.
    • Besides approaching members & sponsors, expecting easy donations, consider what you can offer in return.
      If someone kindly offers a huge help with the structure you can suggest "owning the home goal" for 2 seasons (after every home goal at every game, their logo will take over the whole scoreboard). For cricket, after each Over, after Fours, etc. These will be automatic. There are a lot of special sponsor luvin features in Solid sports software.

  • Some items can be left until later, and be finalised closer to the build.
    • If all goes well, a scoreboard build might be 3-6 months. If things get messy then, a lot longer.
    • Computers, software, other gadgets, sirens, shutters can be arranged on shorter notice.

  • Chat to council early on. Find out what hoops you are expected to jump through? Can they help? Some will be fantastic and support you in many ways, ie. electrical, grants?  Some could be a challenge.

  • Councils can delay your plans. Get onto this side early.
  • Take notes, all communications should be emailed. Summaries of phone conversations emailed to all involved.

We hope this has been of some help. It all starts with that first meeting around the table. 

More to come in FAQs.