4. Scoring software (app) season subscription (not PlayHQ) (choices=9)

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Use your phone to control your scoreboard from anywhere!
The Solid app links to the PC connected to your scoreboard to control your game.
- Scores
- Timer
- Teams (with colour coding for the scoreboard output)
- Control scrolling messages
- Activate different scoreboard "layouts" including advertising

If you are after the PlayHQ scoreboard interface - click here

To see more detail and images on this Remote-App click here to view our PDF

- Solid RemoteApp PC application (NOTE: this is a season subscription, one per year)
     - Including customised layouts to suit your scoreboard dimensions
- Solid logging onto your PC (which is connected to your video screen)

See the packages & payment styles below.
A discounted rate is available if Solid provides an advertisement for display on your scoreboard, ie. a sponsor ad after the Over, Goal, etc. The club can also add their own ads after these moments.
This will aid some clubs (not-for-profits) with subscription costs.
Many established clubs will easily rally and earn more sponsorship funding than what is on offer above.


- Internet connection on the scoreboard PC
IF you do not have the above 2 items Solid can also supply these - See Tough PC & Tough Modem / 4G Sim